Personalized Recommendations for your Shopify store.

Finding new connections between people, products & profit.

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Flexible Recommendation Options

ZEN.AI supports 6 different recommendation options so you can optimize your home page, product and collection pages.

  • Trending Products
  • Top Picks for You
  • Newest Products
  • Similar Products
  • Recently Viewed
  • Top Sellers

Do Less. Sell More.

You can get started in minutes. ZEN.AI is simple to use and easy for you to customize to fit your store’s design and layout. If you get stuck, help is just a click away.

Pricing Based On Results

ZEN.AI is FREE to install. You don’t pay a penny until our recommendations start producing more sales for your store. You can estimate your fees below.

If monthly sales from your Shopify store are $25,000 we estimate ZEN.AI will generate $2,500 in sales and our fee will be $100.

(Fee is based on 5% of sales generated by ZEN.AI)

Realtime Reporting

Your dashboard shows realtime results so you can immediately see the additional sales and revenue being generated through ZEN.AI’s recommendations.

  • Recommendation Views
  • Recommendation Clicks
  • Percent of Views to Clicks
  • Percent of Clicks to Orders
  • Revenue Generated from ZEN.AI

People and Speech Bubbles

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By installing this app, you agree to the Terms of Use.